Asphalt VS Bitumen

/Asphalt VS Bitumen

What is Bitumen?

Bitumen is a by-product of petroleum distillation. Due to the prevalence of petroleum distillation, bitumen is quite readily available but needs to b

This mixture is laid and covered with aggregate and then compacted with a vibrating roller to form a smooth and strong surface. Further coats can also be added to improve appearance and

What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a surfacing material which uses bitumen to bind together a mix of mineral aggregates and sand which is heated and dried to form a composite.

Asphalt is harder wearing and longer lasting and tends to have a lower sand and filler content than bitumen.

Asphalt also differs in its sustainability to other options. An older asphalt surfacing can be scraped away and the material recycled, allowing it to be reused in surfacing’s again.

Features of Bitumen and Asphalt

  • Both asphalt and bitumen are widely used as road, pavement and driveway surfaces due to their durability, longevity, cost-effectiveness and the relative ease of installation
  • Both can be used for pothole repairs and maintenance
  • Different aggregates can be used to achieve smoother surfaces, improve tyre grip and influence colour
  • Bitumen can be susceptible to damage caused by petrol or diesel spills
  • Asphalt is harder wearing and, therefore, less prone to cracking and weather-related damage
  • Asphalt can be deemed as a more environmentally friendly option due to its ability to be reclaimed and recycled

Bitumen and Asphalt are commonly used for the following applications;

  • Driveways
  • Pothole Repairs
  • Roadworks
  • Carparks
  • Footpaths
  • Paving
  • Pool
  • Waterproofing

What is the Difference between Asphalt & Bitumen?

FINISH Smooth Finish, with a fine texture Coarser finish with exposed and some loose aggregate, inferior compared to Asphalt
THICKNESS  Thickness is 25-30mm minimum 2 coat spray sealed, thickness 10-20mm
HEAT Referred to as “hotmix” as delivered at over 180° ‘Hot or Cold’, depending on size of job
LIFESPAN Greater than 20 years Average expected lifespan 5-10 years
PRICE More expensive than bitumen Less expensive than asphalt
DURABILITY More durable for steep driveways & car parking More prone to damage in steep driveways & car parks
FLEXIBLE Less flexible in reactive soil situations More flexible in highly reactive soil situations
NOISE Minimum road noise, no loose stones Noisy to drive on, loose stones are picked up in tyres
ENVIRONMENT environmentally friendly option due to its ability to be reclaimed and recycled Noisy to drive on, loose stones are picked up in tyres
SAFETY Smoother, more skid-resistant surface  Rough surface, more susceptible to wear

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